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IBCA Hall-of-Fame Coach John Ulrich's

Winter Basketball Camp

& Midwest Bobcats Travel Basketball 

is back for another session, starting Tuesday, December, 2022.

Come join our tradition of high-level basketball that teaches the best basketball fundamentals

in a hard-working & fun environment! Please register here

The winter session will last 10 weeks: Tuesday, December 6 - Thursday, February 23 

(with two weeks off over winter break between Christmas and New Years).

As usual, we will offer two options for this season:
1. Practices/Training Only (1-2 practices per week).
2. Practices/Training + Travel Team (2-3 practices per week plus 5 weekend tournaments).

Priority will be given to those first registered and past participants, as well.


Typically 1 - 2 practices are used for general skill training and practice. Those playing on the travel team will have an additional practice to specifically prepare for in-game situations and scenarios(see schedule below).

Players will frequently be split up based upon current skill level and not necessarily grade level. If playing on the travel team, the first 3 weeks of practices will be used to assess which team would be most appropriate for your child, based on their current skill level. If your child is a beginner, please consider having them attend the session for one grade younger than where they are currently.


December 6 - February 23 (with two weeks off over winter break between Christmas and New Years).

Days and times are almost finalized. Unless another gym rental opportunity presents itself, this is the most likely plan:


2-4th Boys and Girls

  • 12/6, 12, 13: 7:15-8:15p @ Camelot

  • 12/11, 18: 3:30-5:00p @ Immanuel

  • 12/15, 22: 6:15-7:45p @ Camelot

5-8th Girls

  • 12/6, 12, 13: 8:15-9:15p @ Camelot

  • 12/7, 14: 8:15-9:15p @ Pioneer

  • 12/11, 18: 5:00-6:30p @ Immanuel

  • 12/15, 22: 7:45-9:15p @ Camelot


5-8th Boys

  • 12/6, 12, 13: 8:15-9:15p @ Camelot

  • 12/7, 14: 8:15-9:15p @ Pioneer

  • 12/11, 18: 6:30-8:00p @ Immanuel

  • 12/15, 22: 7:45-9:15p @ Camelot


**Grades are based off the current grade your child is finishing.**


Midwest Bobcats Travel

Those playing travel will play in one-day tournaments on either Saturday or Sunday (based on player availability). As we have done in the past, we will use the first half of the session to focus on skill development and team preparation. The second half of the session, we will play in highly competitive tournaments. The reason for this is that players improve way more during practice than during games and our main goal is to help players get better!


Single-day tournaments most likely on Saturday or possibly Sunday (based on player availability) in Dundee, Schaumburg, Wheaton, Waukegan or Romeoville.

   **It is okay if you cannot make every day/session or need to leave early/come late. What is most important is that your 

    child is in the gym as much as possible; improving their skills as a player and confidence as people.**



Midwest Bobcat Travel Team: $395

Practice/Training Only: $245

Travel Uniform (if needed): $60

**IF your family is struggling financially and cannot afford it, PLEASE reach out and communicate that to us. We can work something out! We NEVER want money to be the reason someone that wants to be a good player cannot develop their skills!**

Payment Options

• Cash

• Check (to John Ulrich)

• Venmo: @ johnulrich

• Paypal:

• Zelle: John Ulrich, 847-217-6703


Camelot Park Community Center

1005 E. Suffield Dr.

Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Immanuel Lutheran School
200 N. Plum Grove Rd.
Palatine, IL 60657


Pioneer Park

500 S. Fernandez Av.

Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Register here

Please reach out with any questions, concerns or comments!

We are looking forward to another GREAT season with you and your child.


Here is a summary of important rules/guidelines we are implementing and would like to highlight specifically.

1. We cannot allow anyone into the gym that is displaying any symptoms of COVID-19. If your child is displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not bring them to basketball. Before they may come to basketball, they must either: A. "be feverless and feeling well (without fever-reducing medication)"; or B. "confirmed to not have COVID-19 via a negative COVID-19 PCR test."

2. Each participant must sign the online waiver below (by their parent/guardian) agreeing to adhere to the guidelines outlined in our approach plan and that they understand the inherent risk with COVID-19. We will always follow the most recent guidelines for schools and youth sports, as communicated by the Illinois State Board of Education & Illinois Department of Public Health.19

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