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Join us for our next season of high-level basketball skills training and teaching!

IBCA Hall-of-Fame

Coach John Ulrich's

Fall Basketball Camp & Midwest Bobcats Travel Basketball 

is back for another season, starting

Monday, September 11, 2023.

7-week Summer Session

Sept. 11 - October 29


Join us for our next season of high-level basketball skills training & teaching! IBCA Hall-of-Fame Coach John Ulrich's basketball program is more than just a chance to "play" basketball... It is an education in how to compete & succeed the right way at the game that we love.

Register here 

Feel free to call my cell with any thoughts or concerns.

May God bless you and your family! 

Coach John Ulrich

(847)217-6703        email:

Hall of Fame Basketball Coach John Ulrich's​ Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Camps


Adding Winter & Spring Training and Taking Teams to Tournaments

Hall of Fame Coach John Ulrich



  • High-Level Skills Camps

  • ALL Levels - Beginners to Travel Players

  • Boys and Girls

  • ​Grades 2 through 10

  • ​Strong Skill-Building Drills Emphasized over 'scrimmaging'

  • Will prepare your child to play at grade school, middle school, travel AAU, high school levels and beyond!

  • ​Conveniently Scheduled in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

  • ​Outstanding Individual Skills Development

  • ​Your Child will Get Significantly Better

  • Boost your child's confidence and self esteem


We run high-level skills camps in the spring, summer, fall and winter for kids at all levels, from beginners to travel players. 

The philosophy of these camps is always about teaching and multiple repetitions, leading eventually to outstanding individual skills. Our camps are about your child getting significantly better, not entertaining them. 

John Ulrich brings over 40 years of experience of coaching junior high and high school girls and boys. His records speak to his successes on the court while his integrity and character grow his players into young people with high work ethics, compassion for others and a love for the game of basketball.

City of Palatine Honors ILS Bobcat Boys & Girls State Basketball Champions!

Coach Ulrich, at Nationals, Sharing Immanuel Lutheran Bobcats' History

LBAA National Semifinal Pre-game Interview with Coach Ulrich 


Duke University Basketball Scholarship Recipient

-4 Year Varsity Player at Fremd High School -Fremd H.S. was Class 4A State RunnerUp in 2015

-Gatorade Player of the Year 2015  

-Attends Duke University on Basketball Scholarship 

-Trained at John Ulrich/Immanuel Lutheran Summer Skills Camps for 7 Years

"As I take my next step of playing at Duke University this fall, I have to think back to when I started training in 2nd grade at Immanuel Lutheran with Coach John Ulrich. I continued developing my game throughout 7 years of going to his camps. Coach Ulrich's camps stood out from other camps I went to. Unlike many other camps, from the moment the clock hit the start time of the camp session, it meant business. The high intensity was a huge factor in my future success. The individual attention provided by Coach Ulrich and his fine staff to each and every athlete, gifted and non-gifted, had everyone working their hardest. It pushed me to become the best that I could be and also ensured I wasn't doing a drill incorrectly. The highlight of my camp experience was the unique ball handling skills. The challenging drills helped me develop as a player and were something I had never been taught before.

Coach Ulrich was more than just a coach. He was my mentor and reinforced important values I was taught at home. He taught me so much more than the game of basketball, including what it meant to have great character. I vividly remember times during camps when I would be doing drills and he would come up to me, mid-way through, just to talk to me. Those moments truly stick out to me, far more than anything else, because Coach Ulrich really cares about a player as a person." -Haley Gorecki

Coach teaches skills that enabled a Duke Basketball Scholarship
Coach Ulrich develops strong fundamentals for Michael Orris

"Coach Ulrich was the first person, other than my parents, to truly show me what it meant to work hard at something, especially when it came to basketball.  My development in strong fundamentals through 6th, 7th, and 8th grade with him at Immanuel Lutheran School was paramount for my future.  As I moved on to high school and college, the skill work and teaching philosophies of basketball mirrored exactly what I did at Immanuel Lutheran with Coach Ulrich, and made my learning curve much greater. Coach Ulrich is a great coach, great basketball mind, a great man, and an even better friend whom I love dearly." -Michael Orris


-Trained at John Ulrich/Immanuel Lutheran Summer Skills Camps for 4 Years    

-Immanuel Lutheran 2008

- Palatine High School 2010

-Crete-Monee High School 2012

-Kansas State University 2013

-Northern Illinois University Point Guard, 2013-2016

-South Dakota State, 2016-2017

Northern Illinois University
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