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"Coach Ulrich is a master teacher of the game, who can really inspire in young people a passion to improve.  My own children have attended several of his camps and have benefited tremendously from the skills that are drilled and his attention to detail.  I highly recommend it as a great way to learn to love and play the game."


-Tom McCormick, Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, Conant High School

"Coach Ulrich brings a wealth of basketball knowledge and experience and is second to none in teaching the fundamentals of the game.  He instills in his players and campers a good work ethic and a love for the game. I've had the privilege to coach many of Coach Ulrich's former players and they all come to high school with a high basketball IQ and a true understanding of the importance of defense. He is a true teacher of the game."


-Eric Millstone, Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, Palatine High School


"We had the privilege of having our two sons coached by John Ulrich at Immanuel Lutheran.  He took two young boys who had no basketball experience, no confidence, and made them into confident, strong and courageous young men who now successfully compete for Fremd High School (Varsity and Sophomore).  John made a hugh impact on their lives not only on the court, but off the court as well."


-David and Dawn Mitchell, Parents


"After attending John Ulrich's Immanuel Lutheran summer basketball camp, my son, Nick Pflederer, was so impressed with John, the depth of the Immanuel basketball program, and the academics there, that he decided to transfer from Plum Grove Jr. High (he was in the gifted program) to Immanuel for his eighth grade year, all so he could play basketball for John. The teachers at Immanuel were nurturing, and his classmates, and the team were very welcoming.  The entire experience was truly life-altering for my son.  He made lifelong friends, and became a much better basketball player.  Most importantly, John taught him that many of the things that make you a successful basketball player, can make you a successful person in life.  He was well-prepared for high school and excelled in honors level courses and played basketball there as well.  He started on Fremd's MSL Champions.  He earned a B.S. in Physics from Loyola University and was a teaching assistant all four years of college.  He is now in Medical School and confident that the lessons he learned playing basketball for John will serve him well in his future success as a doctor.  He continues to stay in touch with John and gives back to the Immanuel team when time permits. His only regret is that he didn't join the Bobcat family sooner."


-Joni Lullie, Parent


"We want to share with you what our year at Immanuel Lutheran Palatine was like for our son, Ryan. Spiritually, we loved that Ryan was at a school where the word of God was taught and that he was able to grow and strengthen his faith every day.  This was a blessing to Ryan and our family. Academically, it was great that Immanuel Palatine offered Spanish class every day which was so valuable in preparing Ryan for high school and various classes like a stock class, etc.  The mission/serving trip was great and Ryan loved his experience.  I love that Immanuel Palatine has the 8th grade trip a serving experience!! Athletically, Ryan really grew in learning how to play defense.  He grew as a basketball player, but also as a Christian.  It was an amazing year for the Boy’s Basketball Team! Winning State and coming in second at Nationals was such an awesome experience.  What a great season!

Thank you and God bless you for all you, Coach Johnnie and Coach Dan did to help Ryan grow in the game he loves so much and as a Christian!  Also, to all the Immanuel Palatine teachers who taught Ryan every day and helped him grow spiritually and academically, God bless you!"

-Cheryl and Michael Verhulst, Parents

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